Vogalonga 2018 (18-21 May 2018)

Take part in one of the most spectacular amateur water sports events in Europe, at the Vogalonga Festival, in Venice Italy. Get on a dragon boat or accompany your relatives, friends and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Venice! Pentecost Sunday morning, participants paddle the usual, over 30 km long ride exclusively in hand-driven watercraft vehicles. If you have never seen Venice from the water level, you can now get into one of the participating boats and at the pre-race training daysyou can taste the special romance of the Venetian lagoons.

Paddling or rowing the 30km long Vogalonga requires adequate physical wellness, swimming skills and some paddling experience. If you are fit enough and  would like to to take part the festival but you are not familiar with paddling or rowing, it is not a problem. Just take part the practices and trainings organised by the expert dragon boat coaches (who will steer the boats on the festival) before the festival.

Further information is available (in Hungarian) in the flyer of the event here.